Hello, and welcome to my website! I am so thrilled and grateful to Cassie for giving my
stories a home at long last.

My obsession (let's tell it like it is!) with the X-Files didn't begin until I saw "Memento Mori."
Before then I had only watched the show sporadically. In fact, my husband had to talk me into
watching it at all! I hate television in general--I feel ungrateful saying it after all the
enjoyment I've gotten from this show, but it is nevertheless true--and I thought the
X-Files was too scary!

Once I saw MM, though, I became an avowed shipper, and XF became must-see t.v.

I've been writing X-Files fic since May 1999. I'm a late-comer to the Internet, and when I
finally got online in April of that year, I started poking around the XF sites. I didn't even know
such a thing as fanfic existed, and when I ran across Lydia Bower's site, I was immediately
captivated. Like many of you, I'm sure, I spent several days glued to my computer while my
children begged for my attention! Before long, I became convinced that I could write stories
myself, and, shaking with fear, posted my first effort.

Although I wrote many papers in my years as an English major at Georgetown and had written
articles for the local Catholic press in the past, it had been years since I'd written anything other
than grant proposals or irate letters to newspapers or politicians. So I was gratified by the kind
responses my first few stories received, and I quickly became addicted to this new hobby. Besides
my renewed confidence in my ability to tell a story, I've gotten hours of enjoyment from reading
the work of the incredibly talented authors who frequent the XF community, and I've discovered
the joys of friendships from afar.

In my non-XF life, I am a very busy wife and mother. I have three children, a nine-year-old
daughter and five- and six-year-old sons, with another addition in production (due March 4,
2001!). I spend a lot of time volunteering at church and at school, and I occasionally do contract
work from my home (grant proposal writing, typing, and editing) for a small non-profit
organization. I love to cook from scratch, work in my garden, spend time with my husband, and
write old-fashioned letters (you know, the kind you have to put a stamp on?).

Thanks again for stopping by. I save and obsessively pore over every scrap of feedback I
receive, so I hope you'll let me know if you like what you read.


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