Favorite Authors:

Jess' Kingdom of Fan Fiction

Jess has a unique ability to blend humor and tenderness in her stories. Some of her work is laugh-out-loud funny, but her most recent story made me cry.

Maria Nicole

Maria is a versatile writer who has been one of my favorites since my introduction to fanfic. "The Opposite of Impulse" is excellent UST. Her contributions to the "Life During Wartime" series are unfailingly poignant.

Branwell's X-Files Fanfiction

I count on Branwell for especially thoughtful fiction, incorporating a deep exploration of both character and issues.

Kelly Keil

I originally loved Kelly's work because of the humor, but she has become an eclectic author whose recent offerings include angst and <<gasp!>> babyfic. "Basketball Therapy"--the first of Kelly's stories that I read--is one of the funniest casefiles I've seen.

Livia's Inkspot

Livia Balaban is a fantastic writer.  She can do it all, but I especially
love her humor pieces.  Chez Scully and Krycek's Sexual Orientation are two
of the all-time funniest fics I have ever read.

Consortium Abduction Fantasy Playset

Words can't describe it.  Go here to se yet more amusing things that grown-up
X-Philes can find to do with their Barbies.

Just for Fun Sites:


Kipler's Relationship Episode Guide

A delightful and amusing look at every episode from a shipper's point of view.

Play XF Barbies

Here's a use for all those Barbies you thought you had outgrown!

Mush Productions

Go here for some well-done and very touching music videos of our favorite FBI agents.


The sites below have graciously archived my work in the past.

The Write Connection

This site includes original fiction as well as XF offerings.

Further X-Plorations

This is THE place to go when you need a post-ep fix.

Lisa's Post-ep Palace

A newer archive and another excellent source for post-eps.

This Archive is called Prometheus 1013, and it's really pretty neat because it
includes a nifty little rating system invented by the archivist to aid the
reader in finding different types of fic.

The following archives are home to some excellent hand-picked stories:

Gate Philes

Enigmatic Doctor's Fanfiction Favorites


Writing Help:


The Elements of Phyle

Kipler has updated the classic Strunk & White text for use by XF writers. You might not think that learning about grammar could be fun, but I guarantee you will change your mind if you take a look at this site. As a bonus, she includes a link to the on-line version of S & W, a book no writer should be without.

Working Stiffs

This new site is an excellent resource for fanfic writers. It includes a multitude of articles by writers and readers on almost any imaginable facet of writing on the X-Files.

Mentors in X

Would you like to post a story but feel nervous about your efforts? This is the site for you to visit! You will be matched with a mentor--an experienced fanfic author--who will read your story and will work with you on revising it. This mentoring process may eventually lead to a public recommendation by your mentor.

General Links:


The X-Files & Millennium Banner Exchange
The X-Files & Millennium Banner Exchange